What Burlesque Means to Me by Fleur Noire

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What Burlesque Means to Me by Fleur Noire


There are many things to love about burlesque but my favourite aspect is the creativity that it allows. When I first started I thought that only one type of music would be correct, only one type of costume, make up, theme, etc. I was very happy to be proven wrong. In my searches for interesting videos and articles for the Moonlight Minxes’ Facebook page I have found gravity-defying aerialists stripping, a fan dance to the beautiful music of a car alarm and an astounding variety of costumes to suit all themes. I have performed as lumberjack, a magician, a doll, a vampire, a ghostbuster and a video game character so far.

After my initial concerns that the music I like wasn’t suitable for burlesque were quashed, I found myself coming up with details that could be used in routines very frequently. I would be sat in my car listening to music and find myself wondering what costume I would use to dance to this song or stringing together the combinations of moves I would use for it in my head. Coming up with a burlesque act isn’t just coming up with a dance, you get to control every aspect you want to and I love this unbridled creativity.

Whilst my favourite aspect is creativity it seems silly not to mention the many other wonderful qualities that burlesque has to offer. If you want to add a little more exercise to your week it can be a very fun way to do that. Whilst a lot of burlesque dancers find themselves amassing gorgeous costumes and props you don’t actually need any specific equipment to get started, so if you fall in love with your first class there’s no reason you can’t practice your new moves throughout the week. A glove strip is still a glove strip whether you are gently removing a silky black item or a marigold from your kitchen, and the shimmies, hair flicks and floor work don’t need to remain in the studio (be careful of carpet burns though!).

A lot of women, myself included, find that learning burlesque increases their confidence as well. When you repeatedly move and display yourself as if there is something sexy, alluring or mysterious about yourself you can start to realise that there must be a little bit of truth to this.

The final thing I have to say on what burlesque means to me is that it has a lovely sense of community. I have found many opportunities to learn from other burlesque dancers in person and online and I have learned many interesting things from them and have been made to feel thoroughly welcome. I have made friends that I know I will keep no matter where I end up in life and I know that wherever my adventures in burlesque take me next I will have a wonderful community to help me get there.


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