Student Spotlight – Lauren Mackenzie

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Student Spotlight – Lauren Mackenzie

Introducing our January 2022 Student Spotlight – Lauren Mackenzie, student at both Durham and Washington studios.

Lauren as a beginner in figurehead pose. Student Spotlight

Why and when did you decide to start Pole?

I’ve been on this pole journey now for nearly 3 years. I decided to start pole as my self esteem had hit rock bottom. My life felt in turmoil and I needed something to help me feel like me again. So I booked this on a whim thinking I’d give it a try and not really expecting much from it. My first class was with Mandy and I instantly fell in love with pole. Mandy supported me in learning a couple beginner spins and I was hooked!

Did you do any other dancing/fitness before starting pole?

Never. So this was a scary thing to try! I was expecting to really struggle with zero background dance or fitness experience. I could not have been more wrong. Pole is for everyone including those with no previous experience.

What keeps you coming back to Tempest?

The people! Tempest is one big family. A team. Mandy, Beth, Claire, Suzy and Kes are just wonderful at what they do. I have progressed so much with each instructor and couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve met so many lovely people along the way who cheerlead you throughout your lesson.

Lauren in an extended butterfly pole pose

What is your biggest achievement at Tempest?

Extended butterfly without a doubt. I can remember seeing a student doing it in my earlier lessons and it was always a move that looked so difficult and so beautiful. I knew it was a goal to achieve! I was so happy when I could finally do it and even now every time I do it I feel a sense of pride.

What is your favourite Pole move or combo?

Anything with a leg switch! Always jazzes up a combo. Also love a shoulder mount thrown in there.

What is your nemesis move?

Handspring! I did achieve this during lockdown but I’ve lost it again. I’m sure with the support of Team Tempest I’ll get there again 🙂

What advice would you give to new students?

Don’t give up. Pole is hard and hurts. But those bruises are all worth it. Push through the first few months and your body will adapt and you’ll be able to do things you never thought possible. You’ll feel so proud of yourself with every little goal achieved!

Lauren in a duchess pole pose

How have you changed since joining the Tempest family?

I wear less layers now in my lessons! My self esteem soared and I’m so much stronger now both physically and mentally. I have made wonderful friendships and I still get excited driving to lessons 🙂

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