Kai Mcintyre – Student Spotlight

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Kai Mcintyre – Student Spotlight

Introducing our March 22 Student Spotlight Kai Mcintyre – Kai attends classes at the Washington studio.

WHY and WHEN did you decide to start Pole or Aerial?

I started pole after the new year after seeing a friend post about what class she should take up and she listed pole dancing as one of the options. So I thought it could be a fun and interesting way to get fit; I want to be fitter for the cosplays that I aim to do at local conventions. After searching for pole classes and I came across Tempest Studio (Washington) which is conveniently close to where I live. I booked my first class with Mandy on a Tuesday afternoon but I couldn’t wait a week from booking so I booked in on the Wednesday night. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was super friendly and Mandy was very supportive.

I left the first class unable to sit on the pole and I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I booked in for the Friday night class with Beth. I was determined to sit on the pole before I saw Mandy again on the Tuesday afternoon. Pole has made me want to push past my usual boundaries and achieve the things I didn’t think I could, I will soon move on from being a beginner and keep working and improving as I continue with weekly sessions.

Although I haven’t executed each move exactly as demonstrated, it makes me more determined for the next class. I like to prove to myself that I can do the moves shown. I have now started to explore Aerial Silks with my friend, we had our first class with Amy and it was amazing! We both decided it would be a fun class to try and I now want to try more classes as I progress in Pole and now Aerial Silks. I cannot fault the instructors at Tempest as they are super friendly and absolutely fabulous. I love attending each week and getting to know some of the other members in classes.

Did Kai do any other dancing/fitness before starting pole/aerial?

Nothing at all. Other fitness classes did not motivate me. But the classes I’ve attended so far at Tempest have made me want to come back week after week.

Kai in inverted crucifix
Kai in Inverted Crucifix

What keeps Kai coming back to Tempest?

The feeling of motivation and achievement I get from attending classes. I’ve tried working out at home and I give up and never find myself wanting to work out. However, Tempest classes do not feel like a workout class; the time goes so fast, it is a good work out but it doesn’t leave you too overtired or in too much pain. The banter and the general feel of being in classes is great, I’m glad to have started going.

What is your biggest achievement at Tempest?

It’s not much of an achievement but going to pole classes on my own and socialising with people I don’t know is a personal achievement. I have achieved a great deal in pole but my biggest achievement is getting out of comfort zone. Due to 2 years of lockdowns and Covid restrictions I didn’t really go places I don’t know on my own or know how to interact with people due to not being able to socialise properly.

What is your favourite move or combo?

My favourite combo (which I definitely need to improve) is front hook to back hook. It’s simple but I’m still trying to transition between the two spins.

So Kai, what is your nemesis move?

Headstands. I have tried numerous times to at least get one leg in the air but I still can’t do it despite my best efforts. I will get it one day!

Kai in silks straddle in knot

What advice would you give to new students?

Bring water and have something small to eat before class. It is important to be able to hydrate during a class when you are working hard at a move or combo. Eating something small before class can help with not feeling dizzy during or after classes. I have learned the hard way to remember to have something at least an hour before hand.

How have you changed since joining the Tempest family?

I feel I have more self-confidence since joining the Tempest family. Since I’ve started doing fitness classes at the studio it has boosted my self-esteem and I am more motivated daily.

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