Vicky Biggs – Student Spotlight

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Vicky Biggs – Student Spotlight

Introducing our July 22 Student Spotlight Vicky Biggs – Vicky attends classes at the Durham Studio in Gilesgate.

WHY and WHEN did you decide to start Pole or Aerial?

I have a condition that causes difficulty with balance and co-ordination. This means I’ve always had an awkward walk that doesn’t use all the right muscles and puts strain on my knees, feet, and lower back. To try and correct this, a physiotherapist suggested that I take up Pilates. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of flumping about in leggings, but I contacted a local Pilates studio. Luckily for me, they never replied – and in the meantime I saw an advert for aerial classes at Tempest. I started trapeze in October 2020 and I haven’t looked back.

Did you do any other dancing/fitness before starting pole/aerial?

Before Tempest my experience of fitness was restricted to school PE. Like many children with co-ordination difficulties, I found this to be an exercise in humiliation most of the time. I enjoyed watching ballet and different forms of dance and would have loved to try it myself, but I didn’t dare.

What keeps Vicky coming back to Tempest?

I felt at home from my first day. There are students of all levels, several of whom have disabilities or health conditions of one kind or another, and the instructors are fantastic at making the class accessible to us all and explaining moves in a way that each person can understand. The groups are small and people become friends fast. There’s always a bubbly exuberant atmosphere (sometimes too exuberant – desperately clinging onto a trapeze when you’re wheezing with laughter is a challenging experience!) and I’ve never felt self-conscious here.

What is your biggest achievement at Tempest?

Persevering for almost two years is a major achievement in itself, but of the trapeze moves I’ve learnt, it has to be managing a front balance roll-up at last. I tried to do it every week just to see if I could and it was exhilarating when it finally happened. I’ve also achieved some quite spectacular bruises in interesting places.

What is your favourite move or combo?

I love anything that involves a drop, such as angel beneath the bar – I feel like I’m flying.

So Vicky, what is your nemesis move?

Any mount that isn’t Delilah or front balance roll-up. I’m determined to get a pike or a straddle mount this year.

What advice would you give to new students?

Persevere. At first it may feel impossible. I spent most of my first few lessons just trying to get on the trapeze (and when I was finally on it, working out how to get off!) but once the getting on bit is out of the way you’ll be surprised at what your body will do and how much progress you’ll make.

How have you changed since joining the Tempest family?

I’m preening over my biceps here. They actually exist now. I no longer experience much pain in my knees and feet as I go about my day, and I feel a lot more confident in myself.

Join Vicky in classes at Tempest Durham or book at class at Tempest Washington here.