Team Tempest’s Top 10 Training Tips

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Team Tempest’s Top 10 Training Tips

When you find that time for training make sure you get the most from it!

Training can be vast, wide and varied. It can be classes, workshops, private lessons, just you in the studio, research on the internet, stretching in the sitting room or get training whilst you’re out and about! – it all counts.

Top Training Commandments

1 – Listen to your body

Only you know how you feel. Never push through an injury.

 2 – Vary your training

Flexibility, cardio vascular, strength, endurance, power, speed – so many areas to work on try not to neglect any.

Try new workshops and classes – either with a different teacher or on a different style or skill. Keep it fresh.

3 – Set different challenges

Challenges can be framed in many ways too – an end result eg: that move you’ve been pushing for but also number and times – are you working towards a goal with push ups, sit ups or other conditioning or drilling?

Challenges can be emotive and musical too!

Do you tend to dance to a certain type of music – challenge yourself to try something new!

4 – Modify

If your not feeling it or your injured try something different. Drill familiar moves to make them fluid, try basic patterns in new orders – just because its an “old” move doesn’t mean it has no value.

Out of action? Don’t come back too soon – training can be mental as well as physical! So you’re stuck at home – research new moves, new styles, new combos, new costumes, youtube, google and search for inspiration.

5 – Stay flexible

This will help moves look fabulous but will also reduce and prevent injury.

6 – Do not over train

Mistakes happen when we are tired, injuries when we over train. See point 1 – listen to your body then try point 4 – Modify.

7 – Make your targets realistic

We all have dream moves and combos – you don’t have to let go of the dream but create steps to it. Each step is then a target. Try and work out what you need to do to reach the target which will help you see the benefit of varying the training as most aspects of dance need a combination of skills and strengths.

8 – Keep training fun

Take a friend, focus on the positive, find a class, give yourself a big high 5 for being you.

9 – Keep a record

Photos, a dance diary, training notes – as you look back you will see how everything has come together, what has worked, what hasn’t and give you ideas to continue.

10 – Enjoy the challenges and the rewards

You’ve worked for it – enjoy it whether its the picture or video of that move, the applause of an audience, the confidence to take part in a competition or just the knowledge that you’ve done your best – smile and enjoy!

Happy Training – share you progress with us on Facebook!