Student Spotlight – EM

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Student Spotlight – EM


Meet Em. Em supports Team Tempest in every possible way – she attends and shares as many events as she can. She supports other members too and even her kids are #TeamTempest. We’re very proud to present her as July’s Student Spotlight.

Why did you decide to start pole/aerial?

It will have been over 4 year ago when myself and a group of friends decided to pile in my 7 seater and attend our very first pole class. We just wanted to see what it was about and have some fun….we had fun and lots of bruises! One by one everyone dropped out and so did I. I heard about Tempest and decided to give it another go. I watched all these other girls wishing I could be like them, however I felt I didn’t fit in and stopped yet again. I returned to Tempest again after the battle of losing weight and found it had a new owner. I realised then that I was just about to start an amazing journey and discover what a passion really felt like…!

Did you do any other dancing/fitness before starting pole/aerial?

 Throughout school I enjoyed swimming and hockey. I also started to play squash 3 times a week and became a lifeguard. I then went on to have my 3 amazing children and, I hold my hands up, I didn’t have time for any exercise and sharp lost interest. I ended up needing a break where I was introduced to the gym and began to start walking again and for a year I kept this up with added step, boxercise and Zumba classes. More recently I have become Vice Captain in our local ladies hockey group.

How long have you been taking part in classes at Tempest?

Since losing interest in exercise and fitness again, I was excited that I made the decision to take that first pole class. For 3 years it was on and off but it’s now been one amazing, unique year gone January that there has been no stopping me.

What has kept you interested in pole/aerial?

I initially took a break from pole because I wasn’t confident enough, I was anxious and found it was hard to socialise and couldn’t make any conversation. Maybe that’s why I kept running away. Now Mandy has the studio I’ve grown to know her and all her students and they are like family. I don’t come back just to pole dance, I come back because Tempest has changed and supported me for the better. I have the confidence now and because of the welcoming friendly classes it’s easy to talk to one another and you progress as you keep coming back no matter how you are feeling as you know you will walk out that room with a smile back on your face.

What is your biggest Pole/Aerial achievement?

Over the years there have been many times where I have achieved moments that I am proud of, in fact every lesson is an achievement, however small it may seem. Every lesson is an improvement, even if it is remembering to point those toes or that I attempted a new move. At Christmas I took part in my first performance at Tempest, which you can imagine was very nerve-wracking, but I was also so excited, as I realised by then that pole had become a passion and life upside down always gets rid of that frown!!

What do you like best about Tempest Studio?

I love the fact that Tempest has so much variety to offer for all levels of experience. I’ve really enjoyed learning basics and applying my skills to the Hoop, Silks, Trapeze and more recently Pole Silks, which is amazing. I’ve even tried Aerial Yoga, Burlesque, and dance workshops. I love that there are workshops available which offer different things to the classes It’s been good to involve the children on the equipment and at events. The Charity Sleepover was epic, as well as nights out and social gatherings like Ice Skating. I’ve had so many good times and made so many memories that will stay with me.


What is your favourite move?

I’m very trusting with my legs, feet and thighs so love knocking out a Cross Knee or Cross Ankle Release with added variations, as well as a Russian Layback. At first I was very nervous of the pole on spin but I love going round and round with spins and poses. I’ve started to learn combos and more advanced moves and these are just fab.

What is your nemesis move?

As for my nemesis move…haha… at one point it was all of them. I struggled with my Extended Butterfly after I got my Gemini, but after working on Ayesha I would say at the moment the Handspring that follows.

What advice would you give to new students?

I’m always trying to persuade people that I know to give it a try. My advice to new students is just don’t give in and give up, as scary as it may be, on your first lesson. No matter what your skills and strength there will always be that one person you will aspire to. Some moves are easy for others when it seems impossible to you however this also works the other way. The classes are so friendly and down to earth full of amazing people who don’t judge others but support in every way possible.

How have you changed since joining #TeamTempest?

I can never wait to jump in my car and set off to my second home. I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t met such fantastic people. It’s my time of the day to unwind and do what I love doing. I can’t wait for each progression that I achieve. You come out feeling full of energy and smiles with endorphins buzzing waiting for the next class. Finally, I just want to say thank you <3 xxx


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