Don't wait to get fit to have fun!


Meet Cheryl, one of our longest dancing members at #TeamTempest. Cheryl fills the room with her glitter, smiles and positivity every week and she epitomises the #TeamTempest spirit. We’re very proud to present her as our very first Student Spotlight.

Why did you decide to start pole?

I wanted to do something that was dance based but a bit more than an adult exercise class, which can be more aerobics style. Also I thought I might be able to look slightly more glamorous! ?? Oh and I really like heights!

Did you do any other dancing/fitness before starting Pole?

I did a dance fitness class and since joining pole/aerial classes I have done burlesque and belly-dance and I also go to another County Durham dance school where I do street and tap!

How long have you been taking part in pole?

Probably getting close to eight years since starting pole!

What keeps you coming back to Tempest?

I really like how you can mix the different styles of dance for example being on pole and adding in street or burlesque and I really like doing one-off workshops to develop your skills. What I love about Tempest is that everyone is just themselves and you can rock up in any style you want and work at your own pace and there is always something new to learn as the arts evolve.

What is your biggest achievement at Tempest?

Just trying new things and being me! I have done competitions, photoshoots and did get handspring once ( there is photo evidence somewhere to prove it!)

What do you like best about Tempest Dance Studio?

As I said earlier everyone can just be themselves and there is such a variety of classes and things to try out! The instructors and fellow students are really supportive. I can also glitter and sparkle when I want to!!

What is your favourite move?

In pole I really like corkscrew spin and invert-wise I like the combination of extended butterfly to flatline Scorpio, as they look lovely when held and there’s a wide variation of moves you can add on.

What is your nemesis move?

At the moment it is anything that requires a straight leg such pike and jade, as I need to improve flexibility even after all these years

What advice would you give to new students?

Just come and try and don’t forget pole and aerial is your journey so just learn to have fun and enjoy coming to class and just learning the skill which takes time, especially if you feel others are moving on faster then you! If you are by yourself don’t worry about that either, as you will slot right in – I was and did and they haven’t got rid of me yet lol!!

How have you changed since joining #TeamTempest?

I feel much more comfortable just being me, getting out and wearing different things. Team Tempest is fab and I absolutely love it!

Thank you Cheryl – keep on sparkling!!!