Don't wait to get fit to have fun!


Julie has been at student at Tempest for 6 months and has fully immersed herself into #TeamTempest life.
Why did you decide to start pole/aerial?

I’d contemplated doing pole for ages before I took the plunge. I’d heard it was a great way of keeping fit and developing core strength. I did a google search and found Tempest and summoned up the courage to give it a try. I’ll never forget how apprehensive I was before that first class; I didn’t know anyone and I was worried that everyone would be better than me. I need never have worried – it might sound dramatic but was a life changing moment for me

Did you do any other dancing/fitness before starting pole/aerial?

 I do quite a few other fitness activities – weights, running, spinning, circuits etc. However I always thought I was far too clumsy to do anything dance related. I’ve surprised myself and found that when my feet are off the ground I’m more co-ordinated. Overall, my balance has improved too!

How long have you been taking part in classes at Tempest?

I did my first pole class at the end of February 2017 and started beginners hoop  in March 2017. Since then I’ve tried aerial silks and trapeze too

What has kept you interested in pole/aerial?

I love learning new moves, I love the buzz that I get from doing things I never dreamed I’d ever achieve. I’m always striving to improve, but the only competition is me. There’s a really positive atmosphere at the studio. The support and friendship of everyone is fantastic; my Tempest classmates are genuinely pleased for each other when someone “gets” a move — it’s so motivating!

What is your biggest Pole/Aerial achievement?

My most memorable achievement was managing to straddle on the hoop. I got so frustrated when I couldn’t manage it … I was almost in tears when it suddenly clicked and poor Gemma got crushed in a hug. Being able to straddle has helped underpin a lot of other moves in hoop, pole, silks and trapeze.

What do you like best about Tempest Studio?

I love that it feels like a big family. No one is competitive, everyone is friendly and people genuinely get excited to see others achieving moves. I’ve met so many lovely people and made lovely new friends – all ages and backgrounds.

What is your favourite move?

My favourite move? SO many to choose from! Favourite aerial hoop move is a split grip single hock Delilah – I love top hoop stuff. My favourite pole move is an inverted crucifix – did it for the first time last week, and already feel fairly confident with it

What is your nemesis move?

Getting myself back onto the bottom of the hoop after doing top hoop work! My bum misses every time!

What advice would you give to new students?

Don’t be afraid to try it — and don’t expect to be able to do things straight away. It takes time to build up to some of the aerial moves, but when you eventually manage it your Tempest family will be there cheering you on. Take lots of photos and videos… they’re a great way of studying your form, and are a great boost as you can see how much you’re progressing.

How have you changed since joining #TeamTempest?

I never thought that at 51 I would be doing something like this… it’s never too late! Feeling much more confident in my body and its abilities, I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished so far. I already do lots of other exercise, but this has complemented that perfectly and I can tell that my body has changed  – my core is stronger and I’m more toned.   We all have tough times, but it’s hard to feel stressed or down when you’re doing aerial; it’s the most amazing mood booster!  Thankyou #TeamTempest x