What’s in My Dance Bag by Lizzie

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What’s in My Dance Bag by Lizzie

What’s In My Dance Bag?

Every dancer (or instructor) gets to a point in their dance career where they have too much dance related stuff to just fit into their handbag when they go to the studio, and their ‘dance bag’ is created. There’s been quite a few blogs of this style lately from pro pole dancers and ballet dancers, and I always think its fascinating to see what everyone takes to their respective classes, so I thought it’d be interesting for you to see what one of your instructors at Tempest takes with them! I’m also frequently asked where I get some of my ballet clothes so I’m including links to anything you might find useful.

I currently teach ballet and pole, and train aerial hoop and silks so the items in this bag are geared towards those activites. We’d love to know what you keep in your dance bag! Why not comment and share any other items you have in yours?

The Bag

My dance bag is my trusty Capezio duffel bag from Dance Direct (http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Products/Accessories/B117/). I have to say it’s bigger than what I expected when I bought it, but that’s ended up being really useful as it means I can take everything I possibly need to to the studio and I never have to do without. It’s got useful pockets, including a big internal mesh pocket which I use to keep all my ballet kit separate from my pole kit which is useful for when I’m rushing between classes and need to get changed quickly. That being said the one downside of this bag is that it’s so big and black inside that it turns into a bit of a black hole, and it’s now quite common to see me at the end of class assisting aerial hoop scrabbling around in the bag after losing my socks – again.

Dance bag

Inside the Bag

  • Ballet Tights
  • Wrap skirt – I love dancing in a skirt, everything feels so flowy, but this has the advantage of being removable so  if I’m teaching something where students need to see what I’m doing with my hips I can easily take it off. I use a slightly longer version than most made by Plume – http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Products/Ballet/P69/
  • Ballet shoes – I favour leather split sole shoes, so comfy to dance in!
  • Woolen coverup – when you teach you have a tendency to get cold, especially when you’re running between classes in Unit 4 and Unit 5 in the winter! This piece is great as it’s just like a onesie and can be pulled over whatever I’m wearing to add a little extra layer and is great for warming up in. http://www.dancedirect.com/uk/Products/Ballet/4028/
  • Towel – especially useful for pole in the hotter months!
  • 2 pairs of leg warmers – so I have choice between colour but also really useful to lend out in ballet or hoop when people forget theirs or don’t realise how bruisy the activities can be!
  • Slipper socks – in winter its often really cold when you first start teaching and I have to say, I love doing my warm ups in these grippy socks so my feet can get properly warm before teaching. Especially important for ballet when the feet work so hard!
  • Pole shorts – these change week to week, but the pair in this bag are literally a pair of BHS swimming shorts, which just so happen to be the exact right shape and size to be perfect for pole. So something to bear in mind if you’re looking for shorts for pole!
  • Water – speaks for itself, it’s so important to stay hydrated when you dance!
  • Practice contact juggling ball – I’m learning to contact juggle and I like to keep this in my bag on the off chance I have some time between classes to work on my skills.
  • Safety pins – you never know when a costume is going to fall apart, and with safety pins on hand you’re always prepared. Also great for impromptu bandages.
  • Deoderant
  • Dry Hands – I couldn’t live without my grip aids, and this happens to be the one that works for me. There are loads available though, and there’s a great article here by Aerial Amy to help work out what the best one for you is http://aerialamy.com/blog/2011/10/17/grip-aids/
  • Chewing Gum
  • Painkillers
  • Heat Pads
  • Hand cream – for use after hoop only, definitely nowhere near the pole!
  • Inhaler
  • Hair Grips
  • Hair Ties – I’ve had a few snap on me in my time and it’s always great to have a spare
  • Leggings – for aerial primarily but on cold days I’ve been known to favour teaching ballet in leggings over my slightly thinner ballet tights
  • Leotard – mine is from dance direct, and I have a slight preference for leotards by Plume as they tend to fit a bit better.
  • Sports bra – because I’m terrible for accidentally leaving the house and getting to pole realising I forgot to put one on. And its always good to have a back up!
  • Instructor T-shirt
  • Snacks – because teaching for any length of time is hard work and having some healthy snacks on hand are a must to keep my energy up.
  • Note book – for all my class plans!

So there you have it, the extensive list of what I keep in my dance bag. What do you have that I don’t? Or do you want to know where I got any of these that I haven’t already mentioned? Comment and I’ll let you know! We’d love to hear what you take to the studio!

Dance Kit