Join us at Tempest for Aerial Arts!

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Join us at Tempest for Aerial Arts!

Join us at Tempest for Aerial Arts!

Come and give pole, aerial hoop, mixed aerial and aerial yoga a go!

Mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, core strength, toning, muscle definition, balance, co-ordination and more!

Please check the current time table for times and days.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop combines dance, circus skills, choreography and fitness.
The hoop is a large steel hoop, suspended from the ceiling on which you can perform a range of moves, drops and poses.
It offers many ways to target all the major muscle groups.
In an Aerial Hoop class, students will build strength and flexibility with a range of strength building, conditioning, tricks, flips and inverts.

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Aerial Yoga

The feeling of weightlessness provided by the hammock removes compression from the spine, providing greater comfort and vastly increased freedom of movement. Poses and postures that would otherwise be restricted become more accessible with the support of the hammock, making this a great class for all levels.




Still thinking about it?

By using the aerial hammock to gently lengthen the spine you can decompress the spine.
Inversions can help to realign any imbalances in a healthy spine.
Performing inversions supported by the hammock can help to avoid back, neck and joint compression.
Builds core strength.

Using gravity and your own body weight you can increase joint mobility and muscles flexibility.
The hammock assists with balance allowing you to hold positions longer with a better technique.


At Tempest we run Open Level pole classes, which provide a great environment for creating a friendly pole community.
Students get to know people who have been poling for different amounts of time, have different strengths and are of different skill levels.
In Open Level classes, students work in groups according to their ability. Each group then works on the moves planned and designed for the class.
At Tempest we find that this format is very successful in encouraging students to see how they have progressed, for them to be able to aspire to progress and to provide encouragement and inspiration for each other.



Mixed Aerial

A range of aerial classes across the month , a great way to cross train, try new skills and build your aerial repertoire.

Skills include: Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Pole Aria, Squaerial, Aerial Sling and more!


Come and join Durham’s Aerial Community!