How to find a good Pole Instructor

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How to find a good Pole Instructor

How to find a good Pole Instructor

First of all Pole is not the cheapest way to keep fit but it is one of the most fun and addictive ways to keep fit. Going to pole is not like going to the gym; with the right instructor even group classes will be tailored to YOUR needs, making it great value for money. Here at Tempest Dance & Fitness all of our Instructors are highly trained, qualified and appropriately insured to work to your requirements. A good Pole studio will give you excellent quality of instruction, value for money, a great experience and a sense of family.
If your Pole instructor is not qualified or not experienced you could become disillusioned, disinterested, poorly trained and even worse injured.

Start your Pole journey – things to consider

1. Is your Pole Instructor established and qualified?

Tempest Dance & Fitness has been established for many years and all of the Pole Instructors are all highly qualified with Xpert, Spin City and Pole Passion to an advanced level. Beth is a qualified Xpert Instructor has years of experience in teaching and has trained with some of the best in the business, Mandy is a graded level 5 Pole Dancer, 3 star PDC instructor and named PDC grading assessor 2017 and Suzy is a graded level 4 Pole Dancer, 3 star registered PDC instructor and grading assessor.

2. Is your instructor fully insured to teach Pole?

It is very difficult to become an insured pole instructor if you are not suitably qualified, so never be afraid to ask for evidence of your instructors insurance or qualifications. If they are reluctant to show you, ask yourself why. Pole is a dangerous sport, never put yourself in unnecessary danger with an uninsured/unqualified instructor.

3. Are the poles safe?

At Tempest Dance & Fitness we have safely installed floor to ceiling X-poles which are both static and spinning. Fixed poles like these have minimal movement so feel more secure when you’re first learning. These poles are dismantled and checked regularly in accordance with pole safety guidelines.

4. How many poles are available?

It is important to get enough time on the pole to make your session worthwhile. So if your instructor only has 2 poles make sure that they only allow a maximum of 3 to a pole; 2 to a pole would be even better. Here at Tempest we have 4 poles upstairs and 5 available downstairs. We never have more than 3 to a pole and often we have only 1 or 2 to a pole.

4. Does your Pole Instructor have a dedicated pole studio or a shared space?

Pole isn’t always taught in a dedicated studio and it may be a space shared with other groups. Find out how your pole instructor is set up in their teaching area and if it’s private. At Tempest our upstairs studio is dedicated to pole only and no other groups have access, so if you leave your shorts behind you know they’re safe until your next session 😄

5. What else does your Pole Instructor offer?

At Tempest we are a family and a team. We have nights out, workshops, charity events and more. In the past we’ve had a ghost hunt and a sleepover and even performed at Durham Pride. We also offer our Pole students a pathway to become a graded Pole dancer with PDC and we can give you opportunities to perform at showcases and competitions too.
In the studio we also have a multitude of other classes you can take part in such as Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Silks, Aerial Yoga, Strength & Fitness, Burlesque, Chair Dance and much more.

6. Are the other students (and the studio) welcoming?

You’ll get a feel for the studio the minute you walk through the door. Are all the students excited and chatting, is the instructor excited and welcoming? Find a Studio and Instructor that fits your vibe. We have 3 Pole Instructors at Tempest so you should be able to find a style of teaching that suits you. We value every single one of our students and you will quickly make friends and become a part of Team Tempest. Look up our hashtag and see what we have been up to #teamtempest

7. What are other people saying?

Read Facebook and Google reviews to get an insight into the nature of the Studio and the Instructors. If you like what you read then you know you’re likely to enjoy the classes. Check out some of our 5 star reviews and join our Team Tempest family.