Don't wait to get fit to have fun!


Kes is one of our most regular members at Team Tempest, she joins in with everything. We have loved watching her grow in strength and confidence and she’s a great asset to our team.

Why did you decide to start pole/aerial?

I only like exciting activities with an element of risk. I was playing the extreme sport of roller derby but having had several concussions and having broken my leg (twice) it was time to hang up my skates. I needed to find some form of exercise that did not involve too much impact on my leg but that wasn’t boring. I used to dance and do a lot of gymnastics and I found this studio online that did pole dancing and aerial and I decided I needed to try it out.

Did you do any other dancing/fitness before starting pole/aerial?

Yes, I danced as a child and I did acrobatics and cheerleading in my teens and early twenties. I also trained as a fitness instructor and I ran classes for a while. After having my children, I was unable to exercise for a long time. Then I found roller derby and had been playing this for 2 years before finding pole and aerial.

How long have you been taking part in classes at Tempest?

I’ve been at Tempest for a year and a half now.

What has kept you interested in pole/aerial?

I love my instructors and the friends I have made at the studio. I love pole and aerial as they are exciting and challenging and have an element of danger. There are always new moves to learn and perfect and it is acrobatic but also an art form. I can’t imagine ever stopping! I have increased my strength and confidence so much since starting.

What is your biggest Pole/Aerial achievement?

There are many! To begin with just getting to the classes was an achievement as I have anxiety and find these things really difficult. Then working really hard to go from beginner to intermediate. And finally taking part in a show last month.

What do you like best about Tempest Studio?

The studio is my second home. A place where I feel safe and cared for. I have met the best people at the studio and we have such a good laugh. It is my special place where I know everything will feel better. My instructor is amazing and always manages to make me feel better and more able to cope with everything else.

What is your favourite move?

At the moment I am going to say Ayesha because I have just started to get it and i am so excited!

What is your nemesis move?


What advice would you give to new students?

Come and try it. You will be made welcome and you might love it as much as I do. You have nothing to lose. Remember it takes time but you will get where you want to be before you know it.

How have you changed since joining #TeamTempest?

I have changed a lot. My body is fitter and very strong and I feel a little bit better about my body now. My confidence has improved massively and I am even able to go out socially more now. I have gained some great friends and I have something to look forward to all of the time. Team Tempest has changed my life and I am so grateful for everything.