Mental Health Awareness and Suicide

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Mental Health Awareness and Suicide

5 Suicide Warning Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Get Help

Although suicidal thoughts can happen to anyone at any time, they are more likely to occur in individuals who are struggling with depression or stressful lives. Are you worried someone close to you is considering suicide as an option? If they’re considering suicide, they’re probably displaying warning signs to look out for that indicate they may need professional help.

Making preparations

Someone who is considering suicide usually starts to make preparations for when they’re gone. They might begin to give away their belongings or visit friends and family members to say goodbye. They could also visit a solicitor to make a will to ensure their possessions go to people close to them when they’re gone. Cleaning up their room or house may also be a warning sign. One of the last things they may do while making preparations is writing a note to say goodbye. If someone close to you is showing signs of preparing for suicide, talk to them and get them help.

Reckless behavior

Is your friend or loved one exhibiting risky behaviour that was related to a recent stressful life event? Risky behaviour can include reckless driving, sudden promiscuity, and alcohol or drug addiction. Someone may start to exhibit reckless behaviour when they’re thinking about ending their life because they’re not thinking about the consequences.

Drug addiction

When someone close to you is addicted to drugs or alcohol, your first worry is probably that they’ll overdose. However, addiction to drugs or alcohol can actually increase the risk of suicidal thoughts occurring. That’s because when people are under the influence, they lose inhibitions and do things they might not do otherwise. Sometimes, people use drugs or alcohol to treat depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, and while they may temporarily relieve problems, they cause more problems over time, like suicidal thoughts. If you know someone struggling with addiction, it may be time for inpatient treatment.


Have you noticed a family member or friend suddenly cancelling plans they made with you? Have they been withdrawing from activities they normally love to do in order to be alone? They may be struggling with depression or even suicidal thoughts. Withdrawing makes it easier to follow through with suicide because you’re not surrounded by people who you care about. If someone close to you has withdrawn from their friends, family, and society, it’s time to worry. Meet up with them and see if they need someone to talk to. If you can’t help, then encourage them to talk to a professional.

Talking about suicide

This may be the most obvious warning signs of someone who is thinking about committing suicide. Talking about killing oneself or wanting to die, feeling hopeless, feeling trapped and in pain, or being a burden to others are all signs that someone is thinking about ending their life. It’s important not to ignore this warning sign. Once someone starts talking about suicide, they are seriously considering it. Professional treatment can help prevent suicidal thoughts.

Suicide is something that is preventable if you notice the warning signs. If someone close to you starts exhibiting any of the above warning signs, know that they may seriously be considering ending their life. Get them help before it’s too late.

For local help and support contact ifucareshare   Telephone 0191 387 5661

Samaritans: 0845 790 90 90

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Article written by Melissa Howard

Photo: Unsplash