Don't wait to get fit to have fun!

Beginners, Intermediate, Improvers and Advanced welcome!

I’m unfit and overweight, is pole dancing suitable for me?

Absolutely. Everyone works at their own pace and pole dance provides a great mix of aerobic exercise and toning. If you are in ill health or have a BMI of over 30, have a chat with your GP before embarking on a new exercise programme.

I have a physical disability / injury – can I pole dance?

We encourage everyone to work with what they can do, rather than focus on what they can’t, but if you have an injury that is not healed (such as a muscle strain) it is best to let your body rest while it repairs itself. Let your instructor know, in private if you prefer, of any condition you have so we can make reasonable adjustments and manage any risk.

What should I wear for a pole dancing class?

Most pole dance moves require a good grip on the pole, so bare arms and legs are perfect. Ideally wear short shorts and a vest top. If you feel uncomfortable feel free to wear tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt at first, but please be aware this will limit the number of moves you can learn. Jewellery can cause injuries and scratch the poles so we ask you to wear as little as possible. Don’t use any body lotion or hand cream on the day of your lesson as they make the poles slippery! Our usual lessons are bare foot but we have a specific heels class (Filthy Friday) and certain workshops and parties we dance in high heels – make sure they are comfy and tie securely onto your feet.

What’s the difference between drop in, private lessons, workshops and parties?

Drop in classes are regular classes open to anyone over 16 years.

Private lessons are just that, a private session for one person or a small group of friends. They’re perfect for anyone who is a bit shy about joining a group or feels like they need extra help, or someone who wants to progress quickly, or work on an audition or competition piece.

Workshops are occasional sessions which should be pre-booked and have limited numbers. They focus on specific elements of pole dance such as strength and conditioning, floor work, or inverts. We also run workshops with groups of dancers and artists from other disciplines, we have had climbers, karate teams, BTEC dance students and basketball players.

Parties are sessions with groups of friends, frequently hen parties and birthdays. The focus is on having fun, learning cheeky moves and short choreographies, and participants leave with photos and prizes!

Do you teach men?

We’re happy to and regularly teach men as we don’t think this fun and healthy hobby should be limited to women.  Contact us to find out which classes will be best for you!

Isn’t it a bit sleazy?

Not any more. We fully embrace the sexiness of the art form and encourage women to feel good about their bodies’ (especially with our hen party groups!), but pole dance has largely separated itself from its strip club origins. Those who want to can have a lot of fun and gain confidence with sexy dance moves, but advanced pole dance requires a lot of strength and discipline – there are even calls to make it an Olympic sport!

What are the age are limits for classes?

Pole = 16 Years We are able to provide private lessons for people and children of all ages and abilities.

What Do People say about the Classes?

“Fantastic, friendly, and very patient trainers, who are extremely helpful and attend to everyone’s needs at any level they are on, only been going a few weeks and feeling better and more confident every time! “ 

“Fun way of staying fit! Amazing feeling when you master a new move. Instructors are great and all the polers are sooo friendly :)”

“I would recommend Tempest Dance Studio to anyone and everyone, not only is the workout a great physical challenge mixed with the glitter and glamour of the stage but friendships are forged and memories made to last forever. I have pole danced for 3 years with #teamtempest and I can say that it is a hobby for a lifetime :)”