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Aerial Trapeze

Perform poses, rolls and hangs using both the ropes and the bar.  Classes concentrate on static trapeze but will also use rope to build and prepare skills. Classes are mixed ability but we also offer 4 week beginner courses where everyone starts at the same level. During COVID-19 we can only offer one session per week or private lessons.

What should I wear?

The dress code for trapeze sessions is close fitting layers – eg a couple of pairs of leggings, a t-shirt that you can tuck in and please bring a layer that will cover your armpits.

I’m a beginner is that OK?

Yes that’s fine! New starters are welcome to join our mixed ability classes at any point in the term

What are the age are limits for classes?

Trapeze = 14 Years,

We are able to provide private lessons for people and children of all ages and abilities.