Aerial Arts

Don't wait to get fit to have fun!


Aerial arts consist of Aerial Hoop, Aerial Trapeze, Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga

All the aerial arts give you mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, core strength, toning, muscle definition, balance, co-ordination and more!

As with all physical activity if you have any questions regarding its suitability please consult your doctor for professional medical advice.

What do People Say about the Classes?

“Since starting at Tempest Dance Studio i think i have progressed soooo much and everyone is friendly always encouraging. Also since starting i have fell in love with the art of aerial hoop so a huge thank u for introducing me to this art form and to all my new friends :)” Hollie

“Fantastic atmosphere & such great teachers, can’t wait to go again!” Louise

“Tempest dance studio offers a wide variety of wonderful classes. The instructors are amazing, whether they are teaching a new student who has never danced outside of his or her living room or an experienced dancer who is working on augmenting their already impressive skillset it easy to see the amount of enthusiasm and expertise they bring to their classes. I joined the burlesque and aerial hoop classes as a complete beginner to dance in any form and whilst I was hopeful that it would be an interesting experience I honestly couldn’t imagine how much I enjoy the classes and their impact on my life outside of class.” Charlotte

 What should I wear?

The dress code for all the sessions is close fitting layers – eg a couple of pairs of leggings, a t-shirt that you can tuck in and please bring a layer that will cover your armpits.

 I’m a beginner is that OK?

Yes that’s fine! New starters are welcome to join us at any point in the term.

Drop us an email if you have any questions or if you would like to book your first session.

Who should NOT take part in an Aerial Class?

Anyone with the following conditions: pregnant or within eight weeks of giving birth, glaucoma or eye conditions, heart problems, high or low blood pressure, diagnosed back problems.
This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us and/or your doctor for further information.